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Manage IT out offers outsourcing of IT management and IT administration services. We offer services of complete IT management in a proactive and dynamic manner. We involve your
company’s senior management in setting targets and agreeing
expectations and we deliver the best IT solutions for
your business.

Our choice is to follow recommendations of ISO 27001 standards. We advise on optimal hardware procurement and negotiate with vendors and providers for you. We suggest the most efficient software procurement strategies. Once your IT environment and architecture is set up to comply with modern standards, you should not have any security concerns. Entrust your IT management and administration to us, and we will create conditions for you to improve your business. Our expert IT solutions will empower your personnel and ensure easy and secure use of all IT tools.

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IT management
for all clients

We offer standard set of IT management services to all clients.
The standard services cover three main areas of IT management
that are relevant to all clients – communication, security and business development.

  • We enhance efficiency of email systems and other internal and external e-communication.
  • We offer solutions to guarantee security and data protection.
  • We advise on contemporary Web presence and propose transparent IT strategies and solutions to enhance your business.

IT solutions

Standard IT services are not always sufficient for all clients. We approach each client individually and offer custom-made solutions depending on their needs. In cooperation with your company’s management, we propose IT development strategy and offer implementation plan. Your company’s business goals will determine solutions in Document Management System (DMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The same approach is taken when we propose the best hardware and software procurement solutions. Once we agree on IT architecture and implement the system, IT help desk functions efficiently and your business can run uninterruptedly.

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Manage IT out

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Manage IT out provides outsourcing services in IT management and IT administration.

We implement new IT solutions for companies which need fast and secure IT environment in line with ISO 27000 standards.

We offer custom made solutions for different clients ranging from IT architecture to well-informed software and hardware procurement. Our clients businesses are boosted by implementation of marketing automation strategies and up- to- date website design and development that we offer.

Wide IT experience is something we pride ourselves on, but satisfaction of our clients – UCMS Group and TranslateMedia - are our best recommendation.

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