Servers model

ISO standardized data security – modeling servers according to the latest technologies

Servers should be placed in secure and high available place. Doing it in this way, your data will always be accessible. From the beginning one should think about standards and how servers modeling and placement can fit into it.

ISO 27000 is a part of Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) standards. ISMS is a compilation of policies and procedures referring to Information Security Management and other IT risks. (More about ISO 27000 standards can be found here.) By placing your servers in ISO 27000 standardized datacenters such as (Rackspace, Adapt, AtmanT-Systems…) you are reducing risk of data disclosures. At the same time you significantly improve the risk management. Such standards need to be implemented before operating with personal data of any kind.

Virtualization of servers using a virtual machine model is cost-efficient server architecture. The virtual machines are built using the host/guest model. The host reserves a part of hardware for a particular guest. The guest is not aware of the hostís operating system and it sees it as real hardware. Both VMware and Microsoft Virtual Server use the virtual machine model. Stability of the host reflects in every way to stability of the guests. Implementing virtualization should lead to adjustment of the change management process.

Considering servers brands, we strongly recommend purchasing/leasing it from IBM, HP or DELL. They provide support for the virtualization.IBM virtualization support page can be found here and HP page can be accessed here. Dell support depends more on particular server model.

Your business continuity  is your main concerns? You should have your servers virtualized. This will allow easier accessibility and create more secure environment. Also, the virtualization will improve your disaster recovery procedures. Incident reaction time will be decreased, partially due to more centralized management.


virtualisation of the servers increases efficiency