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IT help desk – solution to your everyday problems

Outsourced IT help desk may be a new concept for you. You are used to having IT staff always at hand and under the same roof. But, are your IT staff always the best trouble shooters? Do they follow the up-to- date IT trends? Are they universal IT experts?
Outsourced IT help desk guarantees you a professional and expert support. At the same time, this concept empowers your employees to become informed users.
There are some simple solutions any user should be familiar with. We will help you demystify IT problems and we will be there for you to make IT a simple tool for doing your business.

  • Your computer will not boot up – always check power before calling IT help.
  • You have a problem with software running on an ancient version of operating system – we can help you overcome that.
  • You are hosting your mail server– that is an outdated solution and we will show you benefits of outsourcing your mail system. You may think Gmail is only for private use because you cannot change to – but that is not the case.
  • You have seen “relay denied” message on bouncing mail and you cannot understand why –think about outsourcing.
  • You cannot connect from home to your office machine – we have several solutions ready for you.
  • Have you ever been asked to look for a password in your Keychain?
  • Have you ever seen memory low message on your machine?
  • Have you ever lost your data?
  • Your machine does not boot up after sleep mode?
  • Have you been a victim of phishing, virus attacks, spamming?
  • When signing contract with ISP provider, do you understand that the line speed is guaranteed usually only between yours and ISP router?
  • Do you have printing problems?
  • Is your wireless device secure enough?

Manage IT out’s  IT help desk can resolve those issues for you. We have engineers ready to jump in and solve your problems. We are able to cover issues related to usage of  google apps, various Microsoft OS and applications, different hardware installations, desktops, laptops, servers etc...  


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