Marketing automation – discover your clients

Your website - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - Marketing automation software (HUBSPOT , MARKETO or PARDOT) all integrated into a same circle give you fully qualified leads transferred to your sales department. The main task is to convert a prospect into a customer. The best strategy to make the conversion is to get all you need to know about the prospect.

Marketing automation software helps nurturing the prospect with personalized content. Keep always in mind that marketing automation does not stand for sending out zillion emails. That is called spamming. It is rather a well organized lead database which should be well fostered.

What is the right choice for your company? Which marketing automation software to choose? We can advise you on that.  Read more about this here.

How to integrate maketing automation software with CRM? 

You can use built in integration, ranging from your marketing automation software to the very well known CRMs  ( SALESFORCE , NETSUIT, MICROSOFT DYNAMICS).

You can use marketing automation software API to integrate with custom made CRM solutions.

You can make data flow in both directions. Still, be aware that your sales is used to CRM interface. To avoid unnecessary misunderstanding, we suggest that CRM database is set as your primary database (containing all data).

It is important to keep in mind that the whole circle needs maintenance. Your website needs to be SEO optimized. This will help you generate more leads. Your marketing automation software should not be abused and filled with complex automation tasks. Your CRM software should be integrated with your marketing automation software, allowing your sales staff to benefit from first-rate database of prospects.

We believe that such an approach leads to a boost of your marketing. At the same time it lowers down your need for sales personnel. Manage IT out can help you build the “marketing-sales circle”, turning your website into a measurable and successful sales point.


All what you need to include into marketing automation