Software procurement – a common dilemma: buy vs. develop – manage IT out can advise

Software procurement should be completed by IT experts with adequate knowledge on particular business IT needs. Still the dilemma remains - whether to buy or develop software. When deciding on this keep in mind: Everything or almost everything exists on the market.

If you feel that your business needs are unique, you will consequently opt for software development. But, how much would a new software development cost you? Also, unless your core business is software development, you will be entering a totally different world. Service packs, patches, source safe, modules, engines, framework, compatibility – all these should not be entirely new concepts for you. You should be able to understand the role of those in the area of development if you wish to follow through the development of new software.

Additional concerns are the processes of integration and the best case scenarios; proper documentation which follows the code. Without the documentation the code is useless for further upgrades. The same goes in case of changing the software developers.

It is standard that there is a regular check of the code. Additionally, there should be an independent audit considering code validity and standardization.

After considering all, the key questions remain: “Do I need to develop software from the scratch? Is there already a fitting software – service on the market?”

Manage IT out can create software procurement policies for your company. We can do audit and inventory of the software you have and check if it fits your business needs.

Check one of the procurement softwares which can be found here. All the listed softwares have one thing in common: the inventory module - that is certainly a good start. Be sure that choosing the right software procurement strategy will help you reduce costs and save time. And, it will positively influence your risk management. There is nothing more expensive for your company than running two softwares which serve the same purpose. 

Think about how software procurement procedures can increase your cost effectiveness and  contact us.


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