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Website design & development – contemporary web presence

Website design should be determined by your business needs. It is important to use the latest technologies for the website development. Total cost of the ownership ( TCO) should be as low as possible. This approach would guarantee a modern and feasible web presence.

Your web presentation is not just your company’s business card. Yes, it should be informative but also attractive and profitable. Manage IT out can help you develop a  state-of-the-art and profitable presence on the WEB. We will take care of the technology. Design-wise we cooperate with Boust, since we believe in minimalism. We understand search engine optimization (SEO), targeting different markets, and harvesting information about business culture from trusted resources.

We believe that WordPress and similar technologies have advantage over tailor made software. We give advantage to visibility over showy, simplicity over complexity, always thinking that your Web-visitor would like to do business with you (otherwise he wouldn’t be there, right?). 

We believe in responsive website design.

  • Browsers running on different operating systems
  • Accessing site from different devices including mobile phones and tablets 
  • Flexible images 
  • HMTL5 Canvas 
  • HTML5 Java scripts 
  • Web sites as apps
  • Animation
  • Drag and drop everything 

Our best recommendation is and These are the sites we have developed in accordance to manage IT out approach in website design.


Website design and development