“We entrusted IT management and WEB site architecture to manage IT out five years ago.

Our business of payroll/accounting/HR outsourcing highly depends on IT security and reliable data protection. Producing 100,000 payroll slips per month requires security and privacy of our clients’ data, which has to be in line with ISO 27000 standards. We have customers all around Europe and we use local softwares, DMS, CRM and ERP. Significant part of our success in business is due to marketing automation tactics (Website – CRM – Marketing automation software).

We have outsourced the complex IT matters to manage IT out. It is simple and easy with them and that makes us a client.”


“Our fast growing web-based translation business requires reliable and secure IT environment. We have turned to manage IT out with our specific requests, and for three years of our cooperation they have successfully complied with our demands. They are in charge of virtualization of the servers and WAN and LAN architecture. manage IT out also serves as a help desk for our 250 users at different locations.

We recommend manage IT out outsourcing services to all cutting edge businesses.”